How to Design Easily Your Product Catalog Website

A product catalog is a visually-appealing document that contains detailed information about a company’s products. The brochure or booklet that sales reps hand over you during their visit is a product catalog that has been designed to help you understand their products and take an informed decision.

Online Product Catalog

People nowadays want access to everything on their smartphone or laptop. That deems perfectly fit for marketing collaterals and product catalogs. The best part of online product catalogs is that a user (which could be your client, customer, or partner) can view it anywhere and anytime.

These days, most of the marketing activities take place online – either on the web or on social. You can share the link of our online product catalog with your audience to create a highly professional experience for them and convince them to take an action in your favor.

Online product catalog can be a full-fledged website. You can bring your audience here, so they can check out your products and lines and complete the checkout process.

Online product catalog can also be a mini website, which works as a smaller version of your main website, showcasing your popular or latest products or offers. You can share the URL of your mini website with your audience via your social network bio, updates, and ads. 

When users click or tap on this URL, they land on this page and gain access to your product catalog and other information made available by you.

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Mezink – Landing Page and Mini Website Solutions

Mezink is a link in bio app that gives you a dynamic, customizable landing page. You can configure it to work as your product catalog or mini website. It is super-easy to use not only for you but also for your customers.

You can custom-design this landing page to feature your products category-wise. In addition, you can create a payment link to sell directly from your Mezink profile. Though, there is always an option to show your products on your Mezink page, and take the buyers to your main website, so they can complete the purchase.

Apart from your product links, you can display your social networks, website pages, blogs, and contact information to help users learn more about your brand and make an informed buying decision.

Design Your Product Catalog with Mezink 

Mezink allows creators, affiliate marketers, retail stores, and small eCommerce businesses to build their product catalog for free – that too in a few minutes. Here’s a quick guide to design your Mezink product catalog – 

  • Download or update Mezink on your smartphone.
  • Open the app, and tap on the “Add New Link” button.
  • Tap and open “Shopping Link”.
  • Provide product display title and a short description, and choose a suitable cover image.
  • Tap on the “Add Product” button, enter product link, and then, click on “Fetch Details”. This will capture product title and product image from the link. 
  • Enter the product price, and tap save.
  • You will reach the previous screen, where you have to tap on the “Save” button again.
  • This will list the product on your Mezink home page.

You can add unlimited products on your Mezink product catalog the same way. It takes a few clicks or taps and just a minute to add a product.

Help Your Business Marketing With Mezink

Don’t have Mezink on your phone yet? Download it now for free!

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