Here is How to Increase Number of Viewers on Instagram Story that You Should Know

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In this era, various social media platforms are starting to develop their best features. Especially social media Instagram. Who does not know this platform? It provides convenience in terms of sharing photos, videos, and other interesting features. One of them is Instagram stories. Instagram stories help us in uploading something short. There you can share photos, videos, or boomerangs.

Are you a businessman who uses Instagram as a promotional medium? If so, surely you often make Instagram stories to promote your business, right? What about the number of viewers who saw it? Is it a little or a lot? You have to find a strategy so that your Instagram story reaches more audiences so that business promotion goes well.

Then, how to increase number of viewers on Instagram story ? Let’s see the following steps

How to Increase Number of Viewers on Instagram Story

1. Create different types of content

Create a schedule for posting your content. Whether it’s a photo, video, or boomerang. Try to be consistent to keep your engagement with your audience

2. Use stickers to interact with the audience

Instagram stories have several interesting features that you should try, one of them is the sticker feature. You can use this feature to interact with your audience, such as finding out what they like, poll stickers, question boxes, emoji sliders and countdown stickers.

3. Give a limited offer

You can try making an offer to your audience. This can attract them to know more about your business. You can try to give a discount. Also, try to hold a giveaway to the audience. This will certainly increase the number of interactions between them and your Instagram.

4. Use location tags

Promote your business on Instagram stories by including the location tag. The location tag makes it easy for the audience to search for something based on the closest location. That way, your business has the opportunity to reach more people

5. Use hashtags

Include hashtags on your Instagram stories to increase business exposure and reach more audiences. Use hashtags that match your business or you can also use trending hashtags

6. Make an ad

If you have more funds, you can try being an advertiser on Instagram stories. With ads, you can reach more new people quickly and efficiently than through regular Instagram posts. Of course, what must be prepared are funds, a clear business vision and goals, a design, and an attractive CTA

7. Highlight stories

Highlight is an Instagram feature that aims to save any story permanently so that the audience can view it whenever they want. This highlight is at the top of the profile page. You can take advantage of this, so your audience doesn’t miss important information from your business

That’s how to increase number of viewers on your Instagram story. The key is to be consistent and patient in promoting your business through Instagram. Good luck

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How to Increase Number of Viewer on Instagram Story