How to Add Linktree to Instagram Bio in 4 easy Steps


Adding your Linktree URL to your Instagram bio is an easy task. All you need to do is Copy-paste the URL in the Website field when you edit your Instagram profile. This attachment ensures the accessibility of  the Linktree link in your Instagram bio.

In case of an customised URL with detailed analytics, it is possible to create your own Linktree. The process includes creating an efficient landing page and adding all the desired links within it to be accessed by your followers.

4 Steps to Adding Linktree to Instagram Bio

Step 1: Create a landing page

Create a new page using any of your blogging softwares- content management system, WordPress. Remember that you will be adding your link tree’s URL to your Instagram bio, so keep it crisp. Consider using your Instagram username, or words such as “hello,” “about” or “learn more.”

Mezink is one of the most effective and user friendly landing page builder tool that one can use to create customised landing pages 

Read more about Link-in-Bio Tools 

Step 2: Design your page

While designing your Web page, one has to consider both- desktop as well as the mobile view that the viewers would access from your profile.

The links must be kept crisp and simple to understand. Use Mezink to design your landing page in the most efficient way. Here is how you can design your landing page using Mezink.

One can design their landing page using basic tools like Canva. In order to get the perfect display for all the phone screens, keep the dimensions small- 500 x 100 pixels would work best. One can add a photo or a brief message to make the page look more interactive.

Step 3: Add links 

After adding all the buttons on your landing page, you can add links. In order to add the links, one just has to copy and paste all the Social media URLs one wants to showcase on their profile.

The easiest and quickest way to create link-in-bio is Mezink. Here is how you can effectively use Mezink for Instagram.

Step 4: Update your Instagram bio

Once you have created your new page, go back to your Instagram account and add the URLs to your BIo.

Your Linktree URL is accessible now!

Find out more about Linktree-


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