How to Use Mezink Link as an Instagrammer?

Instagram allows you to share only one link with your followers. But, an Instagrammer, influencer, or content creator may have multiple links to share with their followers. 

And on Instagram, you can add only one link on your profile – that too in your bio – not on your posts. That’s when your Mezink Link gives you a sigh of relief! 

With your Mezink Link, you can share as many links as you want on your Instagram profile, and Instagram is perfectly okay with that.

What is Mezink Link? 

Mezink Link is a super link or a master link that works like a customized landing page, on which you can display all your digital and social links. You can generate your Mezink Link using the Mezink Linktree app on your Android or iOS smartphones.

How to Add Mezink Link on Your Instagram Profile – 

Just copy your Mezink Link from the Mezink App on your smartphone. Now open your Instagram, go to Edit Profile option, and paste your Mezink Link into the box which asks for your website. And you have done it!

You can put your Mezink Link in your Instagram bio, and it will look something like this – 


In the picture above, you can see my Mezink Link in the red circle. This is the only clickable link on Instagram that takes a user to another website and a landing page. You cannot add any other link than this. 

And in an era dominated by digital and social, it is quite obvious that you want to promote and sell your products online or communicate and engage with your audience on other channels. In both cases, your Mezink Link will be a great help.

When someone clicks on my Mezink Link, he/she will reach my Mezink Profile, which in marketing terminology is called a landing page. Here is a screenshot of my Mezink Profile – 

Screenshot_20211117-173444_Opera Mini beta.jpg

I have customized this page as per my priority. Currently, I have some deals on products I sell on different ecommerce platforms such as Amazon and Filpkart. So, I have put “Latest Offers” link on top.

Those who want to follow or connect with me on other social networks can simply tap on buttons – “My Streams” and “My Other Social Networks”.

On Mezink, you can personalize your landing page to an extreme level. Meaning, you have the freedom to add as many categories and link as you want.

Link Scheduling or Visibility on Mezink – 

If you have a limited period offer, you can make this link visible for a limited period. You can do this while creating or by editing the category. If you scroll down on the “Create Category” or “Edit Category” interface, you will see the following panel – 

Turn on the red circled button and you will then be able to schedule the visibility of your link. After setting up your desired duration for the link or offer visibility, don’t forget to tap on the “Save” button.

And then your offer link will be visible for the entered duration. Using Mezink Link and Profile takes a lot of load from you, doesn’t it?

Need help setting up your Mezink Link or adding your Mezink Link to Instagram? We’d be happy to help! Drop your queries and concerns in the comments sections below, and we will proactively provide a solution for your issue!

Thanks for reading!

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