What is a Linktree on Instagram?


A linktree is an URL on your Instagram bio, whose landing page includes numerous links. These links can be of your website, profile, blog, online store etc. Linktree increases the efficiency of your online presence by maximising the sharing potential on Instagram. It basically generates a landing page that hosts multiple links which further drives traffic to specific areas of your site. Since most users access Instagram linktrees from their mobile devices, easy link tree landing pages is a must. These pages can be customised in various ways, depending on your subscription. 

With the Globally increasing social media usage amongst all age groups, competitive tools for its efficient management have been in demand. Having numerous such tools today, one has to rely upon google reviews to trust and choose the optimal management tool. Linktree is one such social media manager which provides a customised solution to your social media management problems. It is mostly required by every creative user- influencer, e-companies, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram 

When Not To Use Linktree For Your Instagram?

Linktree indeed is a progressive tool in trafficking more people towards your website. However, there are instances where Linktree might not be the best option to use. 

For example, if you’re promoting something on your profile, a Linktree link might not be your best option. Because, you’re promoting to try to drive people to your website/profile. Using a Linktree landing page with multiple links might confuse people and disperse the traffic.

Instead, in such cases, one must use one link to avoid any doubt regarding what you’re asking your Instagram followers to do. 

Linktree story

Back in 2017, when Aussie brothers Alex and Anthony Zaccaria along with their mate Nick Humphreys were running a music and entertainment digital agency, they encountered this problem and decided to do something about it.

As they were managing multiple artists, they used Instagram to make daily announcements.

“We got really sick of having to change the Instagram bio link,” Alex Zaccaria told StartupSmart.

They had a web developer on their team but “didn’t have much work for him yet,” so they asked him to see if he could find a solution that would allow them to add multiple links to their ‘gram.

Six hours later, the developer had a prototype, and Linktree was born: A tool that allows you to use one link in your Insta bio to house all the content you’re driving followers to.

With the platform evolving, there is a need for more external linking opportunities. Users want to link not only to their website, but perhaps to other social channels, current campaigns, brand new product launches, or partners.

Although Instagram now offers linking opportunities in Instagram Stories, live streams, and the Shop tab, there are still no in-feed options. And that is how users rely on apps like Linktree to consolidate their most important links into one, for efficient navigation.

Otherwise, one is likely to get stuck with a constant updation of Bio.

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