Which Is The Best App to Upscale Image Online: Imgupscaler Vs. Icons8 Vs. Upscale Media


We need high-quality images in daily life, for social media, product details display, to print images, etc. Most of us would choose HD images as they are attractive and impressive, except for exceptional uses that require blurred photos. We seek improvement in the image quality when our original quality does not meet the requirements.

We often use photo editors or upscale image online tools to adjust the resolution. Photo editors can enlarge the image size but cannot generate non-existing pixel details, and they only fill in the gaps to increase the size. AI Image Upscaler recovers the details when enlarging and improving the image quality. AI Image upscale website is more convenient than the photo editor for users who want to use only a single function.

Let’s see which of the following three AI image magnifiers is better.

Upscale Image Online: Imgupscaler Vs. Icons8 Vs. Upscale Media

  1. Imgupscaler   ( https://imgupscaler.com/ )
  • Overview of Imgupscaler

Imgupscaler is one of the most popular online AI image upscaler that can upgrade and improve image resolution to 4k. It uses the latest AI super-resolution technology to optimise details quickly.

  • How Does Imgupscaler work
  • Step 1: Log in to the official website https://imgupscaler.com.
  • Step 2: Drag and drop to upload photos (up to 5 images at a time).
  • Step 3: Click “Start All”  to begin and wait a few seconds.
  • Step 4: Click “Download” or the right mouse to check and save the resulting image.
  • Features of imgupscaler
  • AI Super Resolution: It can improve image resolution by enriching image details.
  • Batch processing: Just one click for convenience and user-friendliness.
  • Privacy protection: Imgupscaler will clear all photos within 24 hours.
  • Free use: You can use it five times per week for free without creating an account.
  • Pricing Plan

Imgupscaler has a daily plan, a monthly plan, and an annual plan. The daily plan is $9 per day for unlimited access, suitable for short-term users. The monthly plan is $19 per month with unlimited visits and no ads, suitable for people who use it regularly every month. The yearly plan and monthly plan enjoy the same benefits. The price of $69 per year is 70% less than the monthly plan, which is suitable for long-term photo editors. The yearly plan will be more cost-effective than the monthly plan.

2. Icons8 Upscaler  (https://icons8.com/upscaler )

  • Overview of Icons8 Upscaler

Icons8 is a powerful upscale image online software. It magnifies and enhances images through AI technology and automation. Icon8 improves image quality with noise reduction, sharpening, and upscaling. It helps users to enlarge and improve image quality easily.

  • How Does Icons8 Upscaler Work  (step by step)
  • Step 1: Visit the official website https://icons8.com/upscaler
  • Step 2: Upload images by clicking the “Browse” button.
  • Step 3: Waiting for image processing.
  • Step 4: Click “Download” to check the details and save the image.
  • Features of Icons8 Upscaler
  • AI technology and automation can turn your image with high resolution through simple operations.
  • API keys design can try more personalised operations and show your creativity(Need to Pay).
  • You have three free trial opportunities.
  • Pricing Plan

There is a watermark on the processed image for a free trial. If you want to remove the watermark or up to 4x, you need to become a paying subscriber.

If you use it occasionally, you can choose the prepaid package for $0.20 per image.

If you use it frequently, you can choose a limited subscription for $9 per month or $99 per year for up to 100 images per month.

If you have many images to manipulate daily, you can choose an unlimited subscription for $99 per month or $990 per year.

3. Upscale Media (https://www.upscale.media/)

  • Overview of Upscale Media

Upscale Media is an online image amplifier powered by AI. It uses reverse compression to maintain natural image detail without decreasing quality through AI technology. It can upscale images to 4k in a short time.

  • How Does Upscale Media Work  (step by step)
  • Step 1: Enter the official website https://www.upscale.media
  • Step 2: Upload the image you need to enlarge.
  • Step 3: Waiting for enlarged images automatically.
  • Step 4: Select the magnification you need and whether to enhance the image. Click “Download” to check and save the image.
  • Features of Upscale Media
  • You can choose between Normal Upscaling or AI Upscaling. In AI Upscaling, you can choose up to 1x, 2x, or 4x, and Enhance quality or not.
  • AI enhances the image while showing the natural effect of the image by balancing sharpness and softness.
  • Reverse compression to smooth out blurred edges and bring them closer to the original image.
  • You have 45 free trial opportunities.
  • Pricing Plan

The free account has 15 GB storage, 13.5K basic transformations, and only 45 available credits. You need to purchase a plan if you have more images for the batch process. The Starter plan, $29 per month, has 100 GB Storage and 300 Credits. The basic plan, $89 per month, has 400 GB Storage and 1200 Credits. The premium plan, $299 per month, has 1.6 TB Storage and 5000 Credits.

Imgupscaler vs. Upscale Media vs. Icons8 Upscaler

  • Price: Imgupscaler & Upscale Media

Imgupscaler and Upscale Media can upscale images in free plans, with different limits on the number of times. In Icons8, we have only three times to upscale images free, and the resulting images have watermarks. It’s not user-friendly.

According to the three tools’ pricing plans, imgupscaler’s monthly and yearly plans are the best value for money.

  • Batch uploading and upscaling: Imgupscaler

Imgupscaler can support batch upload and upscale up to five images. Save yourself from the complexity of image processing and increase your efficiency.

  • Image upscaling numbers: Imgupscaler

Free users can process up to five images per week. Paid users can process up to five images in a single session. The free accounts of Upscale Media and icons8 do not support batch processing.

  • Speed of processing: Icons8

Icons8 is the fastest for free accounts, but the magnification is only 2k as fast. Upscale Media and Imgupscaler can upscale images to 4k. So it is reasonable that the processing speed is slower than icon8.

  • UI interface and layout for Users: Imgupscaler

When we enter each of the three online image upscaler pages, it is obvious that Imgupscaler’s page is much brighter and visually appealing. The page’s layout looks comfortable. We can browse through the pages during the image processing: a video tutorial is displayed below the action box. There are the features and the reasons for choosing image upscaler, which give us a quick overview. Finally, some before-and-after images let us see the Imgupscaler effect. The arrangement of each area is rich and reasonable.


People are becoming more and more interested in high-definition pictures in our lives. HD pictures have been integrated into our lives. Thanks to the development of technology, we can use more convenient upscale image software. AI optimises the image details to fill the gaps for better image quality.

This article introduces three popular image upscaler and analyses them from user-concerned aspects. You can choose the product you prefer to use according to your needs. Let’s get high-quality images by ourselves!