How to Promote Your Instagram Posts?

Instagram is a powerful medium for creators, influencers, marketers, and businesses. The platform helps you market your brands and even sell your products. 

If you are a creator or influencer, Instagram allows you to receive tips and donations too.

Feed updates, Stories, and Reels are the most used features on instagram for marketing and promotions. 

But how do you promote your Instagram posts, especially if you are new to it?

This blog  gives you some of the tried-and-true techniques to promote your Instagram posts under the following subsections – 

Ways to Promote Instagram Posts

Basically, there are two ways you can promote your Instagram posts – Organic and Paid. 

Organic Ways to Promote Your Instagram Posts

Let’s talk about some of the best practices for doing organic (or free) promotions of your Instagram posts. 

  • Copy and share the URL (or the link) of your Instagram post, and share it on other social networks. Do it occasionally to increase the traffic, visibility, reach, and followers count of your Instagram.
  • Take a screen of your Instagram post, copy its URL, upload the screenshot on your WhatsApp Status and Instagram Story, paste its link, and publish the Status or Story. It helps boost visibility, link clicks, and reach.
  • Share the URL of your posts with your friends over messenger/chat, and ask them to like or forward it to people in their connections. This helps spread the word about your post free of cost.

There is another way you can promote your Instagram posts for free on Facebook. Make your Instagram account public, and then you can choose this option. 

Then, your Instagram Reels will be shown as recommended content on Facebook. Your videos (or Reels) will appear in the Watch tab on Facebook.

There is an option to “Boost Post” below each post you update on your Instagram. 

Click on it, and select your goal (what you want to achieve) and choose your target audience. Now, define your daily budget and the duration your ad will be visible for, review your ad, add payment method, and tap the “Boost Post” button at the bottom of the screen.

You can pause and turn on the ad anytime after it has been reviewed and published. This is the simplest method to run paid ads for your Instagram posts.

Commonly Asked Questions Answered about Promoting Instagram Posts

Question: Do I have to pay to promote on Instagram?

Answer: Yes, if you want to promote your posts through Instagram Ads or paid ads. No, if you want to follow organic methods.

Question: What is the cost of Instagram ads?

Answer: The cost of running paid ads on Instagram depends on your goal and a number of factors such as your target audience. You will be shown a projected cost while creating your ad on Instagram, which you will need to pay before sending your ad for review.

Question: What ads can do to my post? Or What I can expect after running ads on Instagram?

Answer: There are various goals you can achieve. These include: more profile visits, more website visits, and more messages on your Instagram inbox?

How Mezink Can Help to Boost & Promote Your Instagram Posts?

Mezink is a link in bio app that can help you promote your Instagram posts also. The Linktree alternative app gives you a dynamically-designed, customizable landing page, on which you can list or embed your popular Instagram posts.

Put your Mezink profile link in your Instagram bio and persuade your audience to visit this link to watch your content. Likewise, you can promote your Mezink link on other social networks as well. 

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