How to sell photography prints online on Mezink with 0% commission?


As a contemporary photographer, in the era of NFT,  it is crucial to have a widened online presence, as the selling of your digital prints then become easier. 

This blog will navigate you through the simplest ways to sell digital prints online.

In order to sell photographs online you must-

  • Select the edition you want to sell. Take a note of the size of the print, note down the medium you want the print on. In case of the medium being a paper, make sure that the paper is acid free to help the photograph print sustain for a longer duration. 
  • Scroll down to ‘Sell your digital products’ to register yourself and start uploading the prints you wish to sell. Add active bank account details and your GSTIN number for initiating transactions. 
  • While uploading your photographs black and white (#bnw) or coloured you can either upload one print or more.

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