Important Link in Bio Statistics


Important Link in Bio Statistics

1 Around 31 million Instagram users have a link-in-bio tool. 

2. There are at least 62 different link-in-bio tools. 

3. 24.7M users have Linktree, which makes  it the absolute market leader  with 79.95% market share. 

4. Most of the link-in-bio users are women (64%), compared to men (36%). 

5. About 49% of all link-in-bio users are from the United States. 

6. Among the U.S Link in bio users, California has the highest percentage (15%).

7. The common hashtags for link-in-bio users are #podcast, #vegan, #fashion, and #travel. 

8. 55% of all creators with more than 50k fans and a link-in-bio did any kind of brand collaboration. 

1.How Many Link-in-Bio Users Are There? 

There are 31 million Instagram users with a link-in-bio tool.

Passion Economy Users: People who engage in any activity to monetize individuality and non-commoditized skills supported by digital platforms.

Creators: Individuals who use their influence, creativity, or skills to aggregate and monetize their audience.

Link-in-Bio Users: Total number of Instagram users with any link-in-bio tool listed in their IG biography. 

2.Here are the Top 10 Link-in-Bio Tools

Out of 31M link-in-bio users, 79.95% (or 24.7M people) use Linktree, making it the absolute market leader. 

Next in line are Milkshake (3.7%), Beacons (2.4%), (1.6%), and (1.3%).

With less then 1% market share are (.9%), Instabio (.9%), DistroKid (.9%), LinkFire (.7%), and Carrd (.7%). 

3.Link-in-Bio Users by Number of Fans

Profiles with less than 1k followers account for 40.4% of all link-in-bio users. 1k-5k profiles account for 36.6% of all link-in-bio users. If we merge these two groups we see that profiles with less than 5 000 followers on Instagram account for 77% of all link-in-bio users. 

We wanted to know how many creators with a link-in-bio and more than 50 thousand followers have also done a brand deal. 55% of these creators have partnered with a brand for promotional purposes.

4 Top  Link In Bio Apps For Creators !

Mezink being a Link in Bio tool App in itself, is delighted to present to you the other top 5 such tools that we believe are doing great work in terms of their efficiency and sensitivity towards users. 

While you check out Mezink’s proficiency as a link in Bio tool here, let us take you through the other 5 such brilliant and challenging lApps aceing in the field of Digital Marketing today.

1. Link in bio tool

elink is an efficient tool that gives you the biggest selection of visually powerful layouts for the Bio. It can create as many social bio links as you may need. It has the ability to add images for each link with call to action buttons. One can as well send newsletters using elink.

There’s a layout for every business, creator, and brand to make your content stand out from the rest. One can add brand pages, product links, affiliate links, articles, music tracks, YouTube videos, images, and more to it. elink offers various fonts, colors, and design themes. 

One can add images, button text, header images and much more to make the Bio look more appealing. Users love elink for its provided versatility. If you are looking to create deals of the day, daily promotions, recommended books, social profiles or product pages then Elink is the choice.

2. Sked Link

Sked link: Link in bio tool

Sked Link has the fastest loading landing page than any other similar tools out there which makes the App efficient and hence desirable to more audience.

The Instagram gallery display feature of Sked is what makes it look different.

One can add an Instagram feed to their customized link. It means, whenever someone clicks on any of your Instagram images using the link, they will be redirected to a specific page.

Sked Link is incredibly optimal and user-friendly. 

3. C8ke

C8ke: Link in bio tool

This is the best, if one is looking to grow your business and affiliate/sales income. The C8ke tool is absolutely free and offers a variety of unique features. Using C8ke, one can completely customise the font, background, and layout of their page as per it fits your brand.

The unique feature of C8ke is its shoppable gallery. You can add custom affiliate links or URLs to any photo and/or video you upload. C8ke also offers a search bar feature for the audience to quickly find the links they’re looking for.

C8ke’s offers to combine all of the users’ affiliate links from different networks into one easy shoppable gallery. Along with social links and custom quick links, one can as well enable C8ke’s RSS feed which will automatically update your page with your most recent blog posts and/or Youtube videos.

Lastly, C8ke offers a subscribe button so your followers can easily opt into your personal newsletter. Growing your email list is equally important to growing your business.

4. Linktree

Linktree: Link in bio tool

One of the most significant one out there is Linktree. The efficiency of the tool comes quite handy. One can insert as many links as one wants, arrange or disable them, select from 9 themes as well as find out the total number of times the link has been viewed.

In the premium version, one can add all social icons to their profile. There are further more options for customising the page.

One of the best features of this tool is its ability to schedule links, which means that they will not appear on your landing page until the date and time that you schedule them for. 

Few of the key features of the App is that it sends sensitive content as well as age sensitive warnings.

5. Shorby

Shorby: Link in bio tool

Shorby is an amazing amalgamation of three significant tools: a micro landing page, a link shortener, and a lead generation software solution. The App is highly customizable with unlimited links and clicks. It has a dynamic content feed presentation. Additionally, it as well shows analytics to help the user track their profile.

Shorby can help you to build stunning landing pages attached with all your links, without any technical expertise required.

Once the links have been attached, the other visual elements like logo, GIFs, stickers etc can be added.

One can as well set up a content feed that automatically picks the recent blog posts and other updates from your RSS feed and presents them.

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