Tips for Choosing a Donation Platform for Live Streaming

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The word digital seems quite promising especially after the launch of Metaverse. It has transformed how digital and social media function.

The easy and affordable availability of the Internet has made it possible for people to follow their passion, for example, to earn a name and recognition in the world dominated by social media.

If you are gearing up to become a content creator or are a newcomer in the universe of live streaming, this might come to you as a surprise that you can multiply your earnings through your live sessions.

For this, you can consider creating sponsored content for your live streams, and set up a donation link to receive funds from your viewers at the same time.

Tips Choosing a Donation Platform For Live Streaming

1. Trusted Donation Platforms

When you are getting started with this approach, it would be wise to choose a platform that allows you to broadcast live as well as receive donations from viewers. The platform should be a trusted one, so that you can focus on creating your content, not on the security of your earnings.

Never get into the trap of joint accounts or the ones that offer lucrative (hard to believe) offers. They are often a trap.

Here, as a solution, you can choose Mezink as your donation partner! Mezink is an ultimate tool for creators, influencers, live streamers, and marketers. It enables you to receive donations directly from your audience on your live stream at zero percent commission.

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2. Commissions or Transaction Fee

Leading live streaming platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, Only Fans, etc. charge performers a heavy amount for the donations and payments they receive from their audience.

No matter if the amount you receive is big or small, it is a reward for your efforts. Why would you want others to get a percentage in it?

Mezink does not charge you any set up fee or transaction fee for live stream donations. So, with Mezink, you get 100% of the amount in your account without paying any fee or charge.

3. Receive Donations Even after Live Stream has Ended

With Mezink, you can receive donations even when your life streams have ended. That means, you don’t have to stream for long.

All you have to do is to add your Mezink link on your social networks and streaming platforms, and ask your followers to use this link to send you donations.

4. Support for Popular Payment Methods 

Mezink works with various payment gateways to help your fans to send you donations. Some of the popular payment methods (bank transfers and e-wallets) available on the app are – 

  • Gopay 
  • Ovo 
  • Fund 
  • LinkAja 
  • Qris

5. Trusted Community

No other donation platform has its own community. Mezink has!

You can join the Mezink community to connect with other creators and promote your content and channel. You can also share your concerns and confusions about the app to get a quick resolution.

If you do not have Mezink on your phone yet, download it now to receive donations from your followers at zero percent commission.

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