Here are Tips on How to Increase The Number of Viewers on Instagram Reels

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In this era, various social media platforms are starting to develop their best features. Especially Instagram social media. Who does not know this platform? It provides convenience in sharing photos, videos, and other interesting features.

Do you remember that the previous Instagram video feature could only last up to 15 seconds? Then, increase to 1 minute. So, what if we want to share videos that are longer than 1 minute? Don’t worry, now Instagram provides convenience with the presence of the Instagram reels feature. There you can share videos with long durations.

Well, for those of you who have tried this feature, maybe you are wondering if there is a way to increase the number of views from your Instagram reels posts? Don’t worry, here we will answer your confusion. Well, here’s how to increase the number of viewers on Instagram Reels.

Tips on How to Increase The Number of Viewers on Instagram Reels

1. Determine Interesting and Most Popular Topics

Make Instagram reels using concepts or themes from topics that are popular or viral at the time. The content created can be in the form of tutorials, tips, or other entertainment

2. Use The Sound That Is Going Viral

In making video reels, backsound reels are one of the things that can attract viewers’ attention. If a sound is viral and is widely used by many people, then this is a great opportunity for you to increase your Instagram reels audience. Use the sound that is going viral and follow the trend of existing content. However, you also need to develop your content and don’t copy other people’s content too much, just use other people’s content as your inspiration.

3. Original Videos

Tips on How to Increase The Number of Viewers on Instagram Reels

The video reels that you make must be your own creation and not the result of screen recordings of other people’s content or other people’s videos re-uploaded by you. Show that your Instagram video reel content has its own identity and characteristics compared to other people’s content.

4. Creative and Unique Editing

Make video reels as creative and unique as possible. For example, there’s a transition video trend right now, so you can try making your own version of a transition video. You can also try to make other unique Instagram reels content according to your creativity. Make your own trend, so you don’t have to always follow the trend, but you can create something unique so there is a chance for your video to go viral.

5. Consistent Work

Consistency is something that is quite difficult to do. It takes responsibility that must be applied here. Be consistent in making Instagram video reels. Upload your videos regularly according to the schedule you have planned, for example you have decided to upload Instagram video reels every 2 days, then do it! Analyze the right time to upload your Instagram video reels according to your Instagram insights.

That’s how to increase the number of viewers on your Instagram reels. How? Pretty easy, right? good luck

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Here are Tips on How to Increase The Number of Viewers on Instagram Reels