Must Know! Benefits of Online Store to Have a Bio Link Tool, Guaranteed More Profit

Are you an entrepreneur who has an online store and want to increase your income? Then this is the time for you to be able to take advantage of the bio link that can help your sales. Check out what are the benefits of an online store to have a bio link tool.

Definition of Bio Link

A bio link or often referred to as a url link is an element of Instagram that allows you to list various websites. By taking advantage of this feature, you can help your visitors or followers to find out about the various social media or websites that you have. But on condition that you must include the link in the bio.

Actually you can add a direct link to your bio or profile. However, in order to be more effective in its use. You can use the bio link tool. One example of bio link tools is the Mezink application which can help you add another link in your bio. So you can not only include one url link, but can include tens to hundreds of links at once.

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Benefits of Online Store to Have a Bio Link Tool

As we explained above. Having a bio link tool can make it easier for you to include more urls or links to one website. But it turns out that the benefits of the bio link tool are not only that, you know. There are various other benefits of online store to have a bio link tool, such as the following:

1. Store Branding

Having an interesting bio link that includes various kinds of information can help build store branding. Customers and potential buyers are even more convinced that the business you are developing is a professional business.

You can use the Mezink app to help build the branding of your store. The trick is to customize your own website link. You can change your name, username, profile and background from your profile link.

2. More Efficient

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by answering customer questions? For example, they ask about any marketplace that your online store has. Well, to overcome and make it more efficient. You can use this link on bio as a preventive measure.

So you can include various marketplace links that you have and include a whatsapp contact if you receive a direct order. Certainly more efficient and save energy.

3. Cross Promotion

If you include a lot of marketplace links, go to Mezink’s bio link. It is certain, this will also help you to be able to promote more widely to followers.

It’s possible, customers who have followed your online store on marketplace platform A will also follow your online store on marketplace platform B. So your two online stores will get a lot of visibility possibilities!

4. Sharing Any Link is Easier

No need to copy url links one by one and it will take your time. Better use this link on bio as a way to spread any link to followers. This can also increase the possibility of closing orders faster.

Well, that’s it, what are the benefits and reasons why online stores need bio link tools. So there’s nothing wrong, right, for you to immediately create a link on bio using the Mezink application.

Download your Mezink application right now, create and set the link on bio as you like with our various interesting features! Come on, try it now!

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