How to Use Forms on Mezink for Business Marketing

What is a Form on Mezink?

Forms on Mezink are features offered through the Mezink app that can collect information in the form of polls or surveys. All responses are automatically added and organized into a spreadsheet that you can view at any time. More than just an interactive questionnaire, Forms on Mezink can be used for anything from gathering email followers on social media, booking events, or gathering feedback to help your business.

While some online polling services are expensive for certain features, Mezink is completely free. Other sites may limit the number of forms you can create, or the number of respondents that can take them, but with Mezink, there are no limits. You can run as many polls as you want.

How does Forms work on Mezink App?

Before you can use this feature, you must download the Mezink app and create an account. Everything you can get for free. Once you’ve downloaded Mezink and created an account, you just need to open the Mezink app and go to the additional menu to create a form.

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What types of forms can you create in Mezink?

Each question can be answered in a variety of formats such as multiple choice or short answer, and can be requested to be submitted or optional. Customize your form with an image for each question and choose between themes that you can customize to match your business image. Also, you can insert your business logo as a header image and choose between different fonts and text colors.

Another useful feature is the ability to optimise email notifications for email newsletters when the user has completed your survey. If you want to know immediately that someone has responded to the form and want to see the results, you can choose to be notified. You can also choose to be sent daily updates of the responses instead.

How to Use Forms on Mezink as a Marketing Tool

1. Customer Survey

Forms on Mezink are a great way for businesses to gain customer insight. Custom forms allow you to create professional-looking questionnaires to send to customers. For any small business to successfully grow and thrive, it’s important to get and implement customer feedback. Customers are the base of your business, so it’s important that you continue to listen to their suggestions to get the best. Engage your audience and expand your reach.

2. Suggestion Box

If you want to transform your business or come up with new ideas in general, ask your loyal clients for some ideas that will make the experience better for them. As mentioned, to have a successful business. Find out what you can do that best suits them and their needs.

3. Grow Your Business Email List

You can use Forms on Mezink to collect the email addresses of your followers or to access the interests of potential clients.

Whether you want to collect email addresses to encourage clients to sign up for your service, using Mezink is an easy way to grow your email list.

  • Restaurant, bakeries or caterers can use the Form on Mezink to take orders.
  • Fitness center can use the Form on Mezink to register for practice classes if they don’t have a reservation system.
  • If you’re running an in-store quiz, such as guessing how many candies are in a jar to win a discount voucher, encourage customers to enter via a Mezink Form poll. Using Forms on Mezink in this way gives you all the information in one place so you can easily pick a winner.

Those are some Ways to Use Forms on Mezink for Marketing Your Business. Interested in using Mezink?

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