How to Create a Free Landing Page for NFT Creator

Talking about the world of digital marketing, of course, it is closely related to content creators. Where is the content creator itself who can support the world of digital marketing. As a content creator, of course you want to always exist and be up to date at all times. The way is not only by creating viral content, you know. You are also required to be able to package your charm as well as possible in the eyes of followers and potential clients.

Well, for you, an NFT content creator who is currently viral on various social media. Of course you don’t want it if you lose out on other NFT creators? For that, try to make your charm look more professional with simple branding that you can get by creating a profile landing page. So how do you do it? Come on, see how to create a landing page for the following NFT creator.

Why do NFT Creators Need to Create Their Own Landing Pages?

Having its own landing page brings various benefits for content creators, especially NFT creators. How come? You can make your profile more professional and concise with just one website view.

By having a landing page profile link on your own bio, you can also more easily share various links with others. Of course, without having to copy similar links over and over again. Much more efficient and save time.

Having a landing page link on bio also provides other benefits for you. Like telling your social media followers on Instagram or Twitter and others. If you also have an NFT account, it’s even easier for them to buy your digital assets or works. That way the sales turnover of your NFT works can also increase.

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How to Create Landing Page for NFT Creator

Then after you see what benefits you can get by having your own landing page. It’s time to know what the steps are on how to create a landing page.

1. Install the Mezink Application

There are various applications link on bio available. However, one of the best link on bio apps currently that we recommend is Mezink. You can install the Mezink application via Android or iOS mobile phones. In addition, you also don’t need to spend money to enjoy various premium features in this application.

If you are interested, please install the Mezink application via Google Playstore. Download and open the application as soon as it is installed.

2. Application List

After the application is successfully installed on your phone. The next step is to register using a gmail account or social media account that you have. Don’t forget to remember the password you are writing.

3. Upload Profile Photo & Choose Wallpaper

As a content creator, of course, you are required to always be creative and look attractive. Well, so that your creator’s content profile looks more attractive, don’t forget to beautify the landing page link on your bio. The trick is to upload your best photo as a profile photo.

Another additional tip, you can also change the wallpaper with the style you like. The way you can upload it directly through the Mezink application or choose a collection of wallpapers that are already available.

4. Insert NFT Link or Social Media

The next step, you can insert links to various social media and NFT accounts that you have created. You can select “add new” then fill in the link name, link url and related icon. Then select “done”

Mezink really makes it easy for content creators to create landing pages according to their needs. So you can upload as many links as you want without paying anything. Another advantage of the Mezink application is that you can also monitor any links that are popular and have lots of visitors.

5. Include Landing Page Links on Various Social Media

Once you are done setting up your profile landing page. Next you have to share the landing page url link on various social media. You can start including links to your Instagram, Twitter, YouTube profiles to various other platforms that you have. That way, your followers will know what platforms you have.

Well, that’s how to create an easy landing page for NFT creator using the Mezink application.

Interested in trying it? Come on, download the Mezink app right now and level up your content creator profile!

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