4 Easy Ways to Make Money from TikTok Live

Over time, the popularity of the TikTok application is now getting superior. Just look at the large number of TikTok users in Indonesia in 2020 which has reached 22.2 million people. Beats other social media platforms with similar features. With this popularity, Tiktok is now not only seen as an entertainment media. But also as a money-making application.

How come? the scope of the audience is so large and the platform is still growing. Making Tiktok a very strong social media application as well as a marketplace this year. Tiktok also has an open system. Where you can participate and also make money with the content you create or from live streaming. Curious about how easy ways to make money from TikTok live? Check out the full review below.

1. Endorsement or Sponsored Content

If you manage to build a Tiktok creator content profile and get thousands of followers. Surely there will be many brands and online shops that will come to work together. Receiving endorsements or sponsored content from certain brands is the easiest way for you to earn money. However, of course, you must first try to increase the number of followers.

You can do this by creating interesting, interactive content with followers, to actively posting the videos you make. Although the process is long but if you manage to do it consistently it will work.

Well, you can also do this endorsement and sponsorship while holding a live. You can promote products directly to your followers. Reviewing while inviting them to buy the product that you are advertising.

A surefire tip before holding a live, make sure you make an announcement to your followers when you will hold a live. So they don’t miss the live that you broadcast.

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2. Affiliate Program

Are you someone who likes to shop for products in online stores? Well, you can try to join the affiliate program to increase the income. Actually this is a way to make money from Live TikTok for beginners that we highly recommend. Because it can be done even if your followers are few.

To make the affiliate program you managed to get more money coffers. Make sure when you go live you include links to various affiliate products that you reviewed previously in the live description.

3. Tiktok Live Ambassador

The development of the Tiktok live platform has become a great opportunity not only for content creators. But also for online businesses. Lately, some online shops have even made a swoop in selling their wares via live Tiktok, which is considered more profitable.

Unlike other selling platforms, the Tiktok application has very unique and tireless users. This can be seen from the various case studies that have occurred. Where there are still many fans live in the evening hours until the early hours of the morning. Even some online shop shops are willing to work overtime until the evening to sell their wares live.

But of course they don’t have much time and enough energy to hold a live every time. Therefore, many online shops are looking for talent to fill their live events.

So if you have high flying hours in live and have the talent to be a show mc. You can try this new job. For the average live tiktok income that you can get in one day, you can start from 300 thousand to millions of rupiah. Depends on your profile and previous experience.

4. Showing Talent Live

The last way to make money from TikTok Live for beginners is to hold an independent live. You can try to show the talent you have. Like playing dj music, painting to dancing or making mukbang videos.

Don’t get me wrong, many people are lucky to get sawerans of up to 7 million rupiah more in one live from their fans. Well, you can also hold open donations while live. By linking the donation link from the Mezink app to the live description. Apart from being free of charge, live donations via mezink can also be paid more easily. So your live audience doesn’t have to bother to top up first.

That’s the easy way to make money from live tiktok that you must try. Hope it helps!

Come on, make your Tiktok live donation link on the Mezink app right now! Download the app and enjoy donations without a penny discount.

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