Suddenly Rich in 2022! Follow This How To Earn Money From TikTok for Beginner

TikTok fever has recently begun to spread throughout the world. This booming platform is a place for users to express their creative ideas in the form of short videos. This TikTok user, who is often referred to as “Tiktokers” has various types of video content ideas that they shares on their TikTok account. If you are a TikTokers, of course you have already prepared ideas for what content you want to create, right? However, have you ever wondered if the TikTok platform can make money? Like YouTube, TikTok also opens up opportunities for its users to earn money from there. Of course, this doesn’t come instantly, it takes the process and effort of content creators to achieve these results.

Then, how much revenue is generated from TikTok? You can earn from $200 to $5,000 per month, or even up to $1000 – $30000 (Rp 14 million – Rp 422 million). Of course, depending on the number of followers, the more followers you have, the more income you will get. With a minimum requirement of 10 thousand followers.

Well, if you already have thousands of followers and want to make TikTok a cash-generating field, there are several ways you can get money from TikTok. Here’s how to earn money from TikTok for beginner, no need to use expensive smartphones!

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Quick and Easy Ways How to Earn Money from TikTok for Beginner

1. Sponsored Content Post

Are you an influencer who already has thousands of followers, likes, and impressions? Usually, agencies or brands will see the engagement of content creators on TikTok who will be invited to work together to promote their brands.

2. Donate / Payout Coins

When you do live streaming, your viewers can send gift stickers which can later be cashed out. Create useful content because usually viewers will appreciate your efforts by sending stickers when you live stream.

3. Tiktok Influencers

how to earn money from tiktok for beginner

Not only on Instagram, influencers can also come from TikTok. Usually you will be nicknamed the “TikTok celebrity”. Apart from gaining popularity, you can use this to make money. There are several ways, namely by:

  • Sponsored content post
  • Brand ambassadors.
  • Affiliate marketing.
  • Endorsements, and others.

4. Music Promotion

As we know that most of TikTok’s content is accompanied by certain music. The music that went viral will continue to be used in videos on TikTok. Have you ever heard the song with the lyrics “takut tambah dewasa, takut nanti kecewa” belonging to istidgaf? The song also managed to go viral through TikTok sound which has been used in many TikTok video content. In addition, there are also those who make a remix version of the song and it immediately becomes a booming music sound.

5. Use the Mezink Link App in Bio

Mezink is an application link in bio that you can use to promote your social media including TikTok. Apart from that, you can also optimize your earnings on TikTok by using this Mezink app. Of course you can enjoy various interesting features without any discount! Mezink can help you get lots of followers because just one link can connect your followers with your various social media.

Well, those are some ways how to earn money from TikTok for beginner. Keep the spirit to create useful and entertaining content so that you can gather more followers. Thus you can apply the methods above. Optimize your social media and get a lot of convenience with Mezink Link. Mezink Link makes it easy for you to connect with your many followers. Download the Mezink App right now!

how to earn money from tiktok for beginner

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