Be a Creative Content Creator! Must Try These 9 Content Ideas for TikTok

Who doesn’t know about TikTok? The booming social media platform that allows users to express their creative ideas in the form of short videos. The video is shared and can be watched by all TikTok users around the world.

In the world of TikTok, you must be familiar with the term FYP. FYP, which stands for For You Page, is a term used if your TikTok video enters someone else’s homepage. This is an opportunity to increase the number of audiences. To achieve the FYP, there are recommended times for posting videos, which are 12 noon and 8 pm to 9 pm. These times are TikTok prime time. In addition, there are many factors that influence your video to enter FYP, one of them is content ideas. Interesting and creative content is certainly an important factor in increasing the audience.

Then, do you want to create TikTok content? Want to participate in expressing yourself and pouring your creative ideas? However, are you confused about what content ideas are right for you? Well, here are some recommendations for interesting content ideas for TikTok, guaranteed to go viral!

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Interesting Content Ideas Inspiration for TikTok, Auto FYP!

1. Cover Song/Music

content ideas for tiktok

Music is half the soul. Everyone definitely needs entertainment in the midst of their activities. Not a few of them are interested in finding entertainment by watching music videos on TikTok. Well, for those of you who have talent in music, there’s nothing wrong with trying this content idea. For example, if you are good at singing, you can make a cover video for a song. In addition, if you are good at playing musical instruments, you can also make music videos with the instruments you are good at.

2. Education and Information

Do you have skills in education? Share your knowledge and information with your audience on TikTok. This content will certainly be very useful and educate your audience.

3. Humor/Comedy

We often come across humorous content on TikTok. The simple, short duration of humor is much loved by TikTok users. For example, parody, stand up comedy, or just saying the word humor. Usually this humorous content follows the trend that is being discussed. Well, if you’re the type of person who likes humor, this content will definitely be a lot of fun for you

4. Item Review

content ideas for tiktok
Inspirasi konten tiktok yang menarik untuk promosi bisnis

Have you ever heard of the term “poison” stuff? This “poisonous” content aims to invite the audience to try the items reviewed by the content creator. Usually this content discusses recommendations for fashion, make-up, skincare, and all items that are felt to bring benefits to others. This content is also suitable for those of you who have a small business or business and need a promotional container.

5. Story Telling

content ideas for tiktok

This storytelling video is also quite an interesting thing to try. Many content creators tell their life stories, be it funny, sad, or happy. A very simple content idea so you can start trying to share your story on TikTok. Not only about personal stories, you can tell a story that share it on TikTok

6. Fashion/Beauty

content ideas for tiktok

Do you like make-up? Or an expert in the field of fashion? You can try to create content about fashion and beauty. Such as make up tutorial videos, beauty hacks, to ootd outfit recommendations.

7. DIY/Life Hacks

You have skills in making an item? You can try to make a DIY and share it on TikTok. Or do you have a solution to make life easier or what are commonly called life hacks? Well, it will certainly be useful for other users

8. Cooking

You don’t need to be good at cooking to be able to create this content. The important thing is that your cooking is delicious and easy to follow. Well, for those of you who like to cook, try to make a simple cooking tutorial with easy-to-find ingredients. Usually, the recipes for boarding house children are very popular with viewers.

9. Dance

content ideas for tiktok

Dance TikTok or what is usually called TikTok dance is starting to be loved by the audience. The dances are simple, cool, and of course easy to follow. You can try TikTok dancing for entertainment and fun.

So, those are some recommended content ideas for your TikTok. Actually, you don’t just have to stick to one content idea, you can create more types of content according to your interests and creativity. Increase your views by sharing your TikTok link with Mezink Link. Optimize your social media performance easily with Mezink App. Download now!

content ideas for tiktok

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