How to Create Free Online Form to Get Leads for Your Business

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What is a Lead?

For a company, local business, or marketer, leads are the people who might be interested in buying or trying their product.

No business – whether small or big – can survive for long, if they fail to get customers, to be specific new customers.

If you have managed to influence a group of audience through your ad campaigns or they are convinced because of the positive reviews and recommendations from others, they are already a lead for you.

In its simplest definition, a lead is a potential customer for a business.

Just because someone has shown interest in your product or follows you on social networks does not mean they are your customer. You will need to follow a strategy to nurture and turn them into your customers.

Lead Generation

So, the question that arises here is, how to get leads for online business?

There are several ways you can generate leads for your business. These include:

  • Form fills and sign-ups through paid and organic conversions on social media and search engines
  • Sign-ups through Email Marketing
  • Cold calling
  • Form fills at Local events
  • Form fills at business fairs/conferences
  • Sign-ups for newsletter or mailing list
  • Form fills during surveys and polls

The ways you can generate leads for your marketing agency or business are not limited to these only. These are the most popular ones these days.

But there is one thing common, here and that is, form.

Form Fills in Lead Generation

The goal of each online marketing campaign is either to increase the sale or to bring new customers. 

And to add new customers, each campaign should have a Call To Action (CTA) that calls the audience to click on a link and provide their details on a “form” to get the deal or buy the product.

When users click the link or button in your CTA or in your social network bio, and complete the form on the landing page, you receive their contact details on your email or in your CRM. 


How to Create Form for Lead Generation with Mezink

Mezink, an ultimate link in bio app, comes with a cool feature that allows you to create forms for lead generation free of cost.

No matter if you are a business, a creator, or an influencer, you can create a form on your landing page to capture the contact details of your prospects.

You, too, can create forms to collect leads or contact information of your potential customers using Mezink. 

Here are 5 easy steps to create forms on your Mezink landing page – 

  1. Download, set up and open the Mezink app on your Android or iOS smartphone
  2. Customize your Mezink profile and URL
  3. Tap on the button “Advanced”
  4. Locate the “Form Link” to create form, and 
  5. Customize the form to suit your business needs, and tap the “Save” button

And that’s it.

You just created a form on your Mezink landing page. When a user completes and submits the form, you will receive his/her details on your email.

It’s the simplest way to create forms and get leads for your online business

If you don’t have Mezink app on your phone yet, get it now to avail advanced features like create forms, add unlimited links, and analytics. Download Mezink for free!

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