How to Get Contact / Database Customer for Your Online Business?

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What Is a Database?

A contact database is a list that contains contact information of a (large) group of people. It is an important marketing and sales tool for businesses, marketers, and agencies.

It helps you pitch your marketing to the right customer.

Apparently, it is next to impossible for managers and marketers to remember the name and contact information of all their customers and prospects. That’s when a contact list or database comes handy.

Consumer Database in a Digitally-Dominated World

In modern scenarios, the way databases are built, managed, and leveraged has changed a lot. Thanks to the Internet and the Internet of Things!

Databases are now built on online and offline spreadsheet programs. They can be viewed on smartphones and computers from anywhere anytime.

Some advanced database tools allow managers to assign tasks to their team members. They can even track the status of tasks assigned from any part of the world.

Importance of Database

Every business needs some sort of data to work on and grow. For example: Businesses need a list (database) of people or prospects who might be interested in buying or trying their product. Similarly, they also keep a list of partners and suppliers they work with presently or want to work with in near future.

Maintaining a database eases the way for businesses, managers, marketers, and individuals work. Modern database management systems offer loads of conveniences to them, such as –

Trace Accurate Information – There are fewer chances of mistake when you have a digitally-managed database with you. You just have to search for or browse through the database to find the information you are looking for.

Easy to Work with – Working with automated databases is super simple. You are not required to undergo any special training to create, moderate, manage, or update these offline and online files.

Data Security – These databases can be protected with a secure password. Traditional registers or diaries didn’t have this feature and there was always a risk of data theft.

Affordable – Most of the database management software tools available in the market are free. However, to avail advanced features like task assigning and monitoring, you might want to deploy a paid database tool in your process.

How to Build Customer Database for Online Business

The very first requirement for building a database is a database management software as per your needs and budget. Once you have it, you are ready to build your database. Here are a few tips to build a customer database for your online business – 

Determine What You Want – 

For this, you will need to determine what type of data you want to collect. It could be the name of your customers or prospects, their phone numbers, and email IDs. You could also capture their location, age, and many other traits to create and pitch highly-targeted marketing content.

If you are a B2B business – a business that serves other businesses – you could consider capturing their department heads’ email IDs along with their phone numbers, website and social network links, and the locations they are present in.

To build an in-depth database, don’t forget to include minute details – for example, the number of followers on their social network. 

Find Ways to Collect Information – 

There are different ways you can collect information about your customers and prospects. These include email conversations, point of sale data, form fills, social media interactions, and newsletter sign ups, and so on.

1. Using Mezink App

You can collect data and build database for your online business using Mezink, link in bio app as well. You can create a form for your users on your Mezink profile, and put its link in your social network bio. 

Now all you have to do is to share images and videos on your timeline and encourage your audience to visit your bio, click the link, and fill the form.

You can share your Mezink link in your blog CTAs as well.

Once a user fills and submits the form, you will receive all the information on your email.

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2. Enter the Data 

If you have an automated database management system, the information will be available immediately as the user submits the form. But if you have a manual or free database tool, you will need to enter the data in the database by yourself.

For this, you might want to design your database to increase its functionality. Create multiple columns to make it easy to access.

Keep collecting data from various sources and never miss a chance to grow your database. You can always change the look and order of columns or rows in your database for improved functionality.

Your marketing and sales team can use this database for sending marketing pitches or even for sales calls.

We will be doing a few more blogs on database management. Stick to this space for more.

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