A guide to promoting your YouTube Channel

Youtube channel promotion guide

If you are a small or medium-sized business looking to start or improve your YouTube presence, you have probably thought about promoting YouTube videos. As a brand or a newcomer, it is extremely important to use videos as the association with the brand increases by about 139 percent after watching a video. Whether you want to inform your customers about new products and services, showcase your latest achievement or talk to users about product features, videos are a great way to do it.

But how do you promote your YouTube channel to ensure your videos are seen by your target audience? Promoting YouTube videos can overwhelm you, but it does not have to.

On this page, we’ll give you tips on how to promote your videos for free and how to promote your videos with YouTube advertising.

How to promote your YouTube videos

Whether you want to become the next big YouTube star or you just want to generate more traffic and conversions for your business, promoting YouTube videos is a great way to do it.

Videos help put a face to the name of your business, explain to users how to use your products and guide them into the buying process with engaging content.

But you will not reap any of these benefits if you do not promote your YouTube videos properly.

So how do you do that?

We’ll first discuss some organic strategies and then take an in-depth look at YouTube advertising.

3 Simple Ideas for Promoting YouTube Videos

1. Optimise your YouTube videos when you upload them

Basically, YouTube is a search engine. And a pretty big one at that. This means that you need to keep YouTube SEO in mind when promoting your content on YouTube.

You should always research keywords when creating your YouTube videos, especially as what you say in the video can help YouTube understand what your video is about.

Tools like VidIQ, TubeBuddy and Keyword Tool are great for researching YouTube keywords.

By using relevant keywords in your title, description and video tags, you can get your video in front of people searching for content like yours.

But YouTube video promotion does not stop there. Do not forget about the custom thumbnail.

A great thumbnail can make your video stand out and get more clicks.

The more people who watch your video, the more likely it is that your video will rise in YouTube results. If you are not an expert in graphic design, Canva is a helpful tool when it comes to creating YouTube thumbnails.

Read more about How to use VidIQ here

2. Share your YouTube videos with tools you use

If your business has a website, social media accounts or email newsletters, you should use these outlets to promote your YouTube videos.

  • Website

If you have a blog on your website, add your YouTube videos as a post with the video transcript as text. Then not only are you doing YouTube SEO, but you also have the chance to show up in search engines like Google for the keywords you are targeting with your script.

  • Social media

Show your followers what you have created. Share your videos with them and ask them to join in the comments. The more eyes and engagement, the better. And this advertising method is free, you really can not beat that.

  • Email newsletters

People subscribe to your emails because they want to receive information from you. Give them that information with your YouTube videos. Emails can be a bit tricky when it comes to sharing videos. Instead of embedding your videos directly into your newsletters, use a thumbnail with a play button that links to your YouTube video. You can even get creative and use a GIF to grab your readers’ attention.

3. Promote your videos with YouTube ads

YouTube advertising is the best way to get users to watch your videos for a modest cost. When you advertise your videos on YouTube, your clips are placed in all the important places on the platform so that users see your content before your competitors’ videos.

Without YouTube ads, you are at the mercy of YouTube’s algorithm to organically rank your videos – which can take some time and never guarantees you top placement. It also means you have no guarantee of an increase in views.

If you have room in your marketing budget, promoting YouTube videos is an extremely effective way to increase your video views while increasing your brand awareness as your content appears at the top of search results. Read more on youtube marketing here.

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