Tips for Finding Inspiration for an Appropriate and Memorable Brand Name

Regardless of what product you are selling. Brand names have an important role in your business. Giving a brand name should not be careless. Because this component is a description or representative of the business you are doing. So how do you determine a good brand name? Check out these tips for finding inspiration for your brand name below!

Things to Avoid When Creating a Brand Name

Before you determine your business brand name. There are a number of things you need to pay attention to:

1. Do not use strange or eccentric language

Maybe there are some brands that you know that use strange or eccentric language as their brand names. However, if you look at a brand that has a unique name, it doesn’t last long. You can actually use similar techniques to make your business famous in the wider community. However, believe me it will last for a while.

2. Consistent

When you have decided what brand name you will use. Try to keep using the brand name for as long as possible. This is so that buyers can more easily remember your brand. If you change your brand name too often, it will confuse buyers. Remember, the easier your brand name is to remember, the easier it will be for your business to be recognized by the wider community.

3. Concise

Humans have limitations in remembering things. Likewise when remembering the brand name. Brand names that are too long will be harder to remember than short brand names that only contain a few characters. For example, brand names such as Nike, Adidas, Keds, etc

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Tips for Finding Inspiration for a Brand Name

1. Determine the Types of Naming

There are 3 types of brand naming including literal, metaphoric and fanciful. Naming using literal types is naming a brand with its real name. For example, you sell cigarettes and name the brand with the name of a similar product.

The second one is metaphoric or parable. Metaphoric technique is actually the most widely used by various companies because this technique is the most suitable for explaining the product being sold. For example, just like Facebook, Make Over & Electronic Arts.

The last is the fanciful brand naming type, which means giving a beautiful or cool name. The fanciful naming type is actually not recommended because it is not very accurate in describing a product. However, you can of course still use it as long as you have the right marketing strategy.

2. Brand Names that are Easy to Pronounce or Spelt

As explained above. If a brand name is easier to pronounce and spell, it will also be more easily recognized by the wider community. For that, pay close attention to the brand name that you will create. You can use your creativity to create a brand name. However, consider the best brand name that can represent the identity of your product or brand.

3. Brainstorming New Ideas

There is nothing wrong if you ask the opinion of people around you to name the business you have. You can collect the new ideas that you get and then from the list choose the most appropriate brand name.

To start this process of brainstorming new ideas. You can describe in advance what business you are doing. Is this a service business? trading field? Or what kind of business do you do? For example, what is the food business? clothes? or creative product business?

After that, try to find keywords related to your business. As tips for creating memorable & cool product names. You can try to insert the location to the target product. Like for example “Wild Perfume for Her”

3. Avoid Imitating Other Brand Names

Maybe you can get popularity quickly because your brand almost has a name that resembles another brand. However, this can even lead to misunderstandings for potential buyers. In addition, imitating other brand names also has the potential to cause copyright problems for your company in the future.

Well, that’s how to determine a good brand name, easy to remember & cool. Do you think you’ve tried the tips above yourself before?

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