Customer case study

Teachmint has enabled millions of educators to create global



Teachmint is a leading provider of education-infrastructure solutions, powering the education ecosystem to deliver inspired learning outcomes.

Company size

200+ employees




Raised $118M from Lightspeed,, Learn Capital and others


Teachmint is a leading provider of education-infrastructure solutions, powering the education ecosystem to deliver inspired learning outcomes. Since its inception, Teachmint has enabled millions of educators to create global, future-ready classrooms with their proprietary classroom technology.

With a mission of expanding the potential of education; Teachmint has successfully created an efficient system that would carefully Assess, Engage and Manage all the needs of education providers. The Teachmint Integrated School Platform combines offerings such as-

-School LMS (Learning management system)
-School ERP
-Student Fee Management System
-Admission management system
-Attendance management software
-Student Information System


Enhancing Teachmint’s Engagement & Increasing Social Media Growth Rate.

Though Teachmint has been regular with their social media postings on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn; it wasn’t enough to drive in more traffic and generate leads. Due to the lack of equal distribution of content throughout their Social media platforms as well as the Website, there was a setback in audience engagement and Social media growth.



Factors directly proportional to enhanced engagement and increased Social Media growth.

A smoother Engagement & Communication is often a result of various factors like-

  • Consistency in content distribution.
  • Optimization of the business profile.
  • SEO optimization.
  • Designing an efficient website with apt content on landing pages meeting users’ intent.

How Mezink helped Teachmint increase Engagement & Social Media Growth?

We helped Teachmint improve their management, assessment, and engagement with Mezink’s highly efficient social media widgets.

Through our Social Media Widgets, Teachmint could easily track the incoming traffic on their social media platforms. Mezink’s “Create Forms” feature gathered the incoming leads in the in-app insta browser. Our detailed analytics helped Teachmint track performance across social media channels within the Mezink app itself.

There was a significant, improved lead generation which increased Teachmint’s visibility, credibility, and trust amongst their customers. Hence, by focusing on high-quality prospects like improved lead generation, we were able to drive in high-quality customers. Eventually, there was an increase in audience engagement which in turn increased their social media growth.


Mezink took care of:

  • Content distribution on all social media platforms
  • Analysis-Monitoring the user activity via the in-depth analysis feature of Mezink
  • Design Website-Creating and developing a tailored website to connect with the targeted high-quality customers
  • Create Forms- Creating forms to Calibrate the polls more accurately and efficiently
  • Link-in-Bio- Creating a single URL containing all their social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accessible in one single link
  • Teachmint’s SEM (Search Engine Marketing) & SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)- It includes an assured Content aligning the intent of the brand, a good Domain Rating as well as higher ranking of the website.
  • Optimisation of Teachmint’s website with relevant CTA ( Call To Action) across all their content

How Mezink developed and implemented Lead Generation Strategies for Teachmint

Lead generation is a process that operates within the framework of a definite funnel. Achieving high quality customers involves various factors like- driving targeted traffic to your website, or lead capture and convincing the traffic to provide you their contact information.