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Sell your designs, grow your social following, and showcase your design skills with Mezink app. Build your website, payment link, and increase your earnings! Download now!Get started
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Why should Graphic Designers use Mezink?

Mezink offers a high quality features to help designers manage their online presence
Build your portfolioCreate an online portfolio, catalogue, brochure, or mini website to showcase their skills and work to potential clients
Build your portfolio
Sell digital productsSell designs, Showcase all your favourite content or any other digital product directly from your Instagram bio, Whatsapp status or Youtube description with 0% commission
Sell digital products
Create a mini shopList and sell all your digital graphics online. It takes a few seconds to add a product on your Mezink profile
Create a mini shop
Get paymentsReceive payments from companies and clients in both India and abroad
Get payments
Generate invoiceCreate and send invoice to your clients using Mezink. It’s simple, accurate, and fast.
Generate invoice
Zero percent commissionPay no commission on graphics you sell and the tips you receieve. Truly 0% commission!
Zero percent commission

Graphic Designers trust Mezink

Over 30,000 creators use Mezink for running their business
Designing a portfolio website was never that easy. Thanks to Mezink that I could custom design my portfolio using my background images and thumbnails.
ThomasGraphic DesignersCheck out their Mezink
I love Mezink's zero percent commission policy. They take a really good care of their users. I can now receive tips without paying any platform anything as commission. Thanks.
AbigailGraphic DesignersCheck out their Mezink

Features for You

Spectacular features to boost the reach of your designs
Build a mini websiteBuild a mini websitearrowSecure paymentsSecure paymentsarrowZero percent commissionZero percent commissionarrowSell your digital goodsSell your digital goodsarrowEmbed your YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest contentEmbed your YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest contentarrowCreate form for lead collectionCreate form for lead collectionarrow

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With integration to Youtube & Instagram, is the must have app in creator’s phone

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