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Why should Podcasters use Mezink?

Mezink is a free tool that comes with highly desired premium features, such as analytics. You can assess the performance of your links and check your earnings with the help of its analytics feature.
Add unlimited linksLink your podcasts from multiple platforms, social media profiles, and website in the same page to offer a seamless experience to your visitors
Add unlimited links
Detailed analyticsGet data on link clicks and page views to build more engaging content for your audience
Detailed analytics
Sell affiliate productsList and sell your entire product line on your Mezink page in a few minutes. Campaign for your products on social networks.
Sell affiliate products
Get paymentsCreate your payment link to receieve payments, tips, and donations at zero percent commission.
Get payments
Lead generationDevelop a contact form on your Mezink page to collect leads to generate sales and get new customers.
Lead generation
24/7 customer supportConnect with Mezink customer support to get solution for your questions and queries
24/7 customer support

Podcasters trust Mezink

Over 10,000 podcasters use Mezink to run their business
Mezink is the fastest way to receive payments. I don’t have to wait for weeks to get my money transferred into my bank account. Thanks a lot Mezink.
TinaInfluencerCheck out their Mezink
I linked all my past podcasts, along with my social network links on my Mezink profile. What's more amazing is, it could categorize them for easy viewing. Brilliant!!!
FelixInfluencerCheck out their Mezink

Features for You

Spectacular features to boost the reach of your podcasts
Create a custom websiteCreate a custom websitearrowChoose unique profile name and URLChoose unique profile name and URLarrowSell subscription and productsSell subscription and productsarrowReal-time analyticsReal-time analyticsarrowEmbed Spotify playlistEmbed Spotify playlistarrowReceive donationsReceive donationsarrow

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With integration to Youtube & Instagram, is the must have app in creator’s phone

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