How Much Youtube Pay For 1 Million Views In India


We all know YouTube, but it is quite interesting to know how much money YouTubers get for 1 million views of their YouTube videos in India. So let us delve into it in more detail. YouTube pays depending on the category of your channel, and different channels get different amounts from YouTube depending on the topics they cover in their videos. So how much should you expect to get for a million views on YouTube? 

On average, for all YouTubers, you can expect to get around 40,000 rupees for getting a million views on YouTube.

In India, YouTube pays 40 rupees for a thousand views, so 400 for 10,000 views and 4000 for 1 lakh views. It all depends on RPM, i.e. revenue per minute.

How does YouTube pay content creators?

So what changes are required to increase your YouTube revenue? If we go even deeper into two different YouTube categories to see a more detailed breakdown, you can compare different YouTube channels and examine the channels in terms of making money. For example, a channel dedicated to education and knowledge-based content would have more views on YouTube than a channel at the bottom of the list like beauty or vlogging channels.

So if you are new to YouTube and deciding what to base your channel on, you should use the list of guides to determine the topics. If you want to learn exactly what you need to get paid on YouTube, then get your channel to the point where YouTube actually allows you to get paid, because it’s important to know the strategy behind getting paid on YouTube.

How can you earn money on YouTube?

There are many different factors that decide your earnings. Several things influence these static factors, including the type of video you make and your target audience, how often you post and so on. In India, on average, a YouTuber earns between 7,000 and 30,000 per million views. Earnings also vary depending on the channel and the niche in which they create content.

So there are many factors that play a crucial role in making money and impacting revenue from videos on YouTube.

The first factor is the audience that watches your videos. A YouTuber should produce videos that are suitable for their target audience. So a YouTuber should have a target audience that is attracted to their commissioned videos. This will also help in increasing the total number of subscribers and views at just the right time, which will help the YouTuber increase his YouTube income.

The next thing that is one of the crucial factors for YouTube revenue is the content that appeals to advertisers, the content that is fairly easy to market, which helps determine YouTube revenue, which means that YouTubers can make the video ad-friendly and the videos are made to attract advertisers. You want your material to be a suitable place to optimise views of your content.

The next point is dwell time, which is the total number of minutes or the total amount of time your viewers devote to your videos. Dwell time ultimately helps you earn more money through YouTube, as the longer videos sometimes allow you to include multiple ads in your video, which also helps increase your revenue.

Another important point in generating revenue is where your viewers are watching your content from.

YouTube salary table for 1 million views

There are several factors that combine to affect the monetisation statistics of your inactive YouTube channel: the nature of your videos and the target audience, and most importantly, how often you post on that channel, and depending on the amount they receive for their mission, for example, YouTubers who upload funny content are on as much as 22,000 to 30,000 per million views. However, at the same time, all Youtubers who post music or field videos can make up to 7,000 to 11,000 per million views Niches like tech and fry also answer the healthy amount of money from YouTube by 7,000 to 30,000 rupees per million views, all earnings are estimated, and actual results may vary depending on the variables on which YouTube income is decided.

Getting paid on YouTube

You should have at least a thousand subscribers with a healthy number of views on your channels and 4000 viewing hours within 12 months and follow a few tips, abide by the terms of services and YouTube’s rules and create ad-friendly content to make a good amount of money. It will encourage you to pursue YouTube as a source of income and a full-time career.

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