7 Ways How to Be a TikToker in 2022, Magic!

Talking about social media, do you know that it was the most popular social media application in 2021? Yes, the app is Tiktok. Although in the past it was considered trivial and was not very attractive to various circles of society because it was attached to its “alay” branding. Now Tiktok has managed to dominate the internet platform and even beat Google!

Well, of course this will open up opportunities for those of you who don’t want to miss being famous content creators of Tiktok. Who knows luck is on your side and you can become a TikTok celebrity with fantastic income. Interested in becoming a TikTok celebrity? Come on, see 7 ways how to be a famous TikToker below!

How to Be a Famous Tiktoker

Although you can only upload videos with a maximum duration of 3 minutes on Tiktok. Make sure that every piece of content you create can go viral so that you are more easily famous. There are various special tricks that you can try to get a lot of followers. We will describe these tricks below:

1. Make Your Profile As Interesting As Possible

how to be a tiktoker

The first way how to be a TikToker is to make your profile as attractive as possible. An attractive profile is an important key to getting new followers. Remember that your profile page will be seen by many people. Whether it’s your new followers or your old followers. Once one of the videos you uploaded has gone viral, other people will open your profile page. If you manage to create an attractive profile. So this will not increase the possibility of that person becoming your new follower.

How to create an attractive profile is actually quite easy. You can start by installing your best profile photo, managing posts, to choosing a unique username. As a special tip, you can also match the colors of your post feed on Tiktok to make it more presentable.

2. Up to Date with Trend

Tiktok trends are very dynamic all the time. Plus the Tiktok algorithm is very easy to bring up various videos that are related to trends. Well, from here you can take the opportunity to get more visibility by producing various trending videos.

You can try to stich and then react, to try to make a similar video as a joke.

3. Sharing Content on Other Platforms

Uploading your own videos on other social media accounts that you have is perfectly fine to do. This is so that you can get a wider reach. Before uploading it, make sure you also include your Tiktok account username. So that people who see it can easily follow.

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4. Hastag

Hashtags are still very influential on Tiktok. You can include various hashtags related to the content you are uploading. For example, the hashtags for the beauty products that you are reviewing, the hashtags for the topics you are currently raising or the hashtags #fyp and #foryourpage that are often used.

5. Consistently Upload Content

If you want to become a famous content creator. The main key that you must hold is consistency. Which means you have to be diligent in uploading content every day. This, aims to keep your followers loyal to your account.

In addition, having a lot of content will also increase the chances of your video getting fyp.

6. Collaboration

Another way that you can learn from some of the most popular Tiktokers today is collaboration. Try inviting friends who have TikTok accounts with many followers to collaborate. This will benefit both parties from each person because you can exchange followers.

7. Linking Tiktok Link to Link on Bio

The last, no less effective way that you can try is to link your TikTok account link using the link on bio application. Especially if you have a lot of followers on other platforms. By installing this TikTok link to the link on your bio.

Your followers on other social media platforms will be able to follow your TikTok account easily. No need to worry about how to customize the website for the various links you have. Because you can use the Mezink application which can help you collect various links easily and look even more professional!

Well, that’s the trick and how to be a famous TikToker in 2022 that you must try. In what ways have you done it? Comment below

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how to be a tiktoker

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