How to Create Landing Page for YouTuber?

A landing page is a page that users land on after clicking on a link given in blog CTA, video or post description, or social network bio. 

While on the landing page, the user can take an action which could be – follow you on (other) social networks, buy a product you promoted in your video or blog, subscribe to a newsletter, or sign up on a website.

If you are a YouTuber or YouTube creator who works as a brand marketer, influencer, or affiliate marketer, it is obvious that you often do promotional videos to – convince your audience to buy or try a product or offer. In other words, you use your tried-and-true strategies to influence their buying decision.

Your success is directly proportional to the number of users clicking on the link in your YouTube bio, and reaching your landing page to take the action you encouraged them for.

Persuading your audience to do this requires you to work on smart content and marketing strategies. (We are not going to talk about these strategies in this blog; we will be doing that soon in some other blog). Your video should be high quality and relevant for your audience, so they can find a connection with it and follow your directions. 

Rather, we will focus on how a landing page works and how to design it if you are not very much into coding.

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How Does a Landing Page Work?

Technically, a landing page is a web page, designed to allow the user to take an action. It should be designed specifically for the topic you covered in the video or the action you have asked your users to take.

Meaning, if your CTA encourages your audience to follow you on other social networks by clicking the link in your bio or video description, the link should actually take the user on a page that displays clickable icons of all social networks and online destinations you have an active presence on.

Similarly, if you call your users to buy a product you just covered in the video, then the link should take the user directly to a page where he or she can pay and buy that product. There should be no distractions – such as other offers or links – on that page to distract the user.

You now know why landing page is important for YouTubers

This is the page where you see your goals becoming a reality.

How Do YouTubers Create Landing Page?

There are many tools that can help you create a YouTube landing page. But there is none like Mezink, a Linktree alternative and an advanced link in bio tool!

Mezink gives you a dynamically-designed dashboard and landing page along with an easy-to-remember short URL. You can share this URL in your YouTube bio, video descriptions, and during YouTube live streams.

Designing your YouTube landing page is simpler than ever with Mezink!

No Coding Required !

You don’t have to write a single code to design your Mezink YouTube landing page.

You don’t need any coding knowledge or experience to create a landing page for YouTube. The simple and interactive interface of Mezink allows you to display your links, social networks, and offers in a visually appealing manner.

Here is a quick 5-steps guide to design your YouTube landing page with Mezink –

  1. Download Mezink from PlayStore or AppStore on your smartphone.
  2. Set up and sign up on Mezink.
  3. Customize your short Mezink profile link. You can put this link in your YouTube bio and video descriptions. You can also share it during your streams.
  4. Now is the time to personalize the look of your Mezink landing page. You can choose from a sea of pre-designed backgrounds available on the app. Alternatively, you can pick a cool background image from your phone gallery. You can also select the button and font style to add more personalization to your Mezink profile.
  5. Add links you want to show your audience. Ideally, this will depend on the CTA of your video/stream. For this, you might want to follow an effective video, content, and marketing strategy for success.

And you have just designed and created your unique YouTube landing page. You can change links and offers as per the content of your video anytime.

Mezink also allows you to categorize your links to make it easier for your audience to find the information they are looking for. With Mezink, you can also get tips and donations at zero percent commission or transaction fee.

If you are a creator, and you don’t have Mezink yet, download it now for Free!!

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