How to Find Content Ideas for Your YouTube Channel

If you are a YouTuber, it is pretty obvious that you keep a notebook on your phone or laptop, or a diary by your side, in which you note down random thoughts and ideas that come to your mind. You scan through those ideas while working on a new content for your YouTube.

It does not matter how long your list of random thoughts is, you don’t often have a potential YouTube content idea to get started with.

This blog gives you a few tips to find content ideas for your YouTube channel. These ideas will help you with your YouTube content no matter if you are a content creator, vlogger, or a brand. Check out the following –

Here 4 Ideas For Finding Your YouTube Content

1. Take Inspiration from Others 

That’s what most YouTubers do. It is the easiest way to find story ideas for YouTube channel, but it has risks associated. 

It would be a bad idea to copy the entire content. Don’t do that, you might lose your credibility and fan-following this way.

Do take inspiration from other and fellow YouTubers, season it your way, add your twists and turns, and produce a completely different video for your YouTube audience.

For example: if you are a fashion blogger, all you have to do is to search YouTube for videos related to fashion, cosmetics, accessories, and latest fashion trends/brands. You can pick any video as inspiration to create your content around.

Ensure that your video has something new/different to offer.


As a YouTuber, you would have some competitors, peers, and role models, wouldn’t you? There are chances that you follow these people secretly and openly on YouTube or other social networks.

You can find your content idea on their profile or page as well.

Just browse through the comments section of their videos. There will be people requesting them to share information or video on specific topic(s), trend(s), or issue(s).

You can create your content for them, and turn them into your audience and loyal fans.

There will be many comments on your videos too. You can try them too.

3. Ask and Polls

You can create polls on YouTube to ask your audience what type content they want to see. Polls feature is available on other social networks as well. You can use it to find out your next YouTube content idea.

Alternatively, you could request your viewers via your videos and live streams to suggest which topic you should cover in your next video. Gestures like this increase engagement on your videos and channel.

4. Join and Participate Q&A Communities 

Quora is a super active online place where people find answers for their questions, queries, and concerns. You can join the community to stay aware about what people want to learn. 

You can create YouTube content based on hottest or trending topics/questions on Quora and other leading communities.

Once you have your video on YouTube, you know where you have to share its link!


YouTube Analytics can also give you ideas for your next YouTube video. This built-in feature allows you to peep into what kind of videos people like most on your channel. You can keep these metrics in your contemplation while working on your content next time.

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