Content Creator Must Know! Most Popular YouTube Content Ideas 2022

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Do you like to spend your free time watching videos on YouTube? What types of content do you watch often? YouTube is indeed a platform that serves various types of videos with different content. Content creators are competing to be able to provide the best offerings for their viewers. According to data from Wikipedia, there are some videos on YouTube that are most liked. Taking the top spot is the music video “Despacito” with a total of 35.66 million likes. The next ranking is the music video “See You Again” which reached 26.05 million likes. In third place is the music video “Shape of You” with 21.43 million likes. Based on the top three rankings, it shows that the most popular content on YouTube is the type of music content. However, that’s not all, of course, there is a lot of other content on YouTube that is also popular and much liked by the audience. So, here are some of the most popular and interesting trending YouTube content ideas in 2022!

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Inspiration of the Most Popular YouTube Content Ideas 2022, Guaranteed to Increase Viewers!

1. Culinary

Most Popular YouTube Content Ideas 2022
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Culinary content is one of the content liked by the audience. Usually this content presents cooking videos, food reviews, or mukbang videos. There are also content creators who make eating videos with ASMR so that they are satisfying for those who watch them. This culinary content is also useful for the audience to increase their appetite as well as information regarding the taste, price, and how to get the food.

2. Artist’s Life

Most Popular YouTube Content Ideas 2022

Many artists are now starting to jump into YouTube. It is undeniable that on this platform everyone can freely express and be creative. Unlike on television, where there are limits and can’t express ideas at will. They usually create content ranging from daily vlogs to what is currently being discussed, namely podcasts. In these podcasts, content creators will usually invite speakers to talk and share about their stories.

3. Music

Most Popular YouTube Content Ideas 2022

Who doesn’t love music? In the midst of our busy lives, we definitely need some entertainment, one of which is watching music video content. This music content is the most popular and liked content on YouTube. You can watch music videos, cover videos, and a collection of current hits song.

4. Games

Most Popular YouTube Content Ideas 2022

Game content is one of the most popular content on YouTube. This content is loved by various groups, from small children to adults, both men and women. Content creators who make these videos will usually share tips and tricks for playing a game. Audiences who like gaming will definitely be interested in watching this video on YouTube.

5. Viral News Content

Most Popular YouTube Content Ideas 2022

Everything that smells of viral things that are hotly discussed will definitely attract a lot of viewers. However, keep in mind when creating content like this it must be fact based. Do not let the information you provide is hoax news that cannot be justified.

So, those were some of the most popular YouTube content ideas in 2022. What content do you usually watch? Or maybe after reading this you have the inspiration to create similar content? Happy working!

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